Light weight, Protein content close to that of sirloin steak, yet fewer calories, and very low in fat.  Gives you the energy you need for long hikes or any outdoor activity where muscles are used.  Gives your body what it needs, yet is animal friendly.
  1. Teriyaki Zing
    Teriyaki Zing
    Teriyaki and Ginger, and a whole lot more. Layers of Asian flavors. You get 1/4 lb.
  2. Apple Wood Orange Heat
    Apple Wood Orange Heat
    Slightly smokey apple wood, sweet orange citrus and More heat than our others. Because you asked for more heat. You get 1/4 lb.


 Delicious vegan Jerkee

All of our wheat is non GM.  There is Soy in all of our Jerkee. We use Non GM soy sauce that is naturally fermented as part of the traditional flavoring for Wheat Seitan.  No artificial colors or preservatives in any of the soy or wheat we use to make our Jerkee.

Wheat Berries

Herbs and spices

All of our herbs and spices are either dried fresh by us, or bought as fresh as we can get them.  We only make small batches of Jerkee to ship immediately.  There are no added artificial preservatives in our products.  So we buy small batches of herbs and spices for what we need for our Jerkee.  Large orders may take a week to get out, because we do not have our Jerkee sitting in a warehouse on pallets waiting to be pulled.  It's made fresh weekly.